Joshua Bible Unit Games and STEM Challenges

I love using games to help kids understand Bible stories better! 
The Joshua Bible story is a great one for teaching kids to choose to serve
the Lord because He is faithful to help us.  Let’s talk about some of my
favorite games to play during our Joshua Bible unit!

Ants on a Log

Bible Story: Joshua is Moses’ helper

Bible Idea: I can help others.

Materials: kids and tape (or sidewalk chalk)

Directions: Create a log using tape or sidewalk chalk.  The log should be thin
enough for all of the kids to stand on.

Have kids stand shoulder to shoulder inside the “log.”  Name one kid
“Moses.”  Moses will need to move down the log past a few kids without
stepping “off” of the log.  Have them move past at least 2-3
people.  While “Moses” is moving, make sure the other kids are helping
Moses just like Joshua did in the Bible.  Play several rounds to let kids
take turns being Moses.

Battle of Jericho STEM Challenge

Bible Story: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

Bible Idea: God can do anything!

Materials: red solo cups (or playing cards for more of a challenge) and a party favor

Problem: Pretend that the king of Jericho has asked the kids to rebuild the wall of
Jericho with playing cards (or solo cups to make it easier as shown in the
pictures!).  It needs to be tall to protect the city, but also strong
enough to withstand Joshua and his army.

Directions: Let kids work alone or in teams to complete the challenge.  

When they are finished, they can test out their wall by walking a stuffed
animal or toy around the wall 7 times for the 7th day.  

On the 7th time they will blow the kazoo directly at the wall to see if it
will stand.

Hailstone Drop

Bible Story: Joshua defeats the Amorites

Bible Idea: God will help me if I serve him.

Materials: white pompoms, buckets or cups of various sizes

Directions: Kids will grab a handful of white pompoms to use as the hailstones.

Then, they will toss the “hailstones” all at once toward the buckets like a

Count the hailstones that fell into the buckets to see how many points you

You can set up multiple stations for people to play in small groups, or do one
large hailstorm where everyone drops and handful toward a lot of buckets and
count the whole collection together!

Find all of these games and more in this Joshua Bible Unit from my Sunday School curriculum.

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