Language Centers for Kindergarteners

Language Stations are perfect for kindergarten!  In these centers, kinders practice many of the language skills from the Common Core Standards.  What activities work best for this station?  And how do we set them up?
We’re talking all things Kindergarten Language Stations today!

Setting Up The Language Station

I keep set up for this station super simple.  This station can easily be stored in a tub for students to grab & go to their desk or an assigned spot in the room.  I love mobile, grab & go stations because they are flexible in location… and let’s face it: there’s not a lot of room for extra “center tables” and such!
If you have a “stationary” spot for the center, just post the I Can signs there.  They are available in full color or black and white to print on colored paper.  If you are using a Grab & Go Station Tub, post them on the front of the tub.  
As far as what you’ll need to keep in the Grab & Go station tub.  For the four activities, you’ll need:
  • I Can Poster for each activity (I change it out with one activity each time)
  • Plastic folder with brads with clear page protectors
  • crayons
  • pencils
  • dry erase marker
  • activity printables, laminated
  • recording pages
For the language station tub below, I have the supplies for the handwriting activity and I printed the I can poster 1/4 it’s size.  Watch this free video to see how to do it.

Handwriting Language Station

In this station, kinders practice letter formation while learning vocabulary words on a themed topic.

They use the dry erase marker to trace the words.  I just put the printed pages inside the page protectors in the folder with brads.  Don’t forget to have the erase the page before turning to the next page! 🙂

Then, they will trace the words again and color the pictures.  This is a sample from the September station… during the second semester of kinder, the recording page has lines only and the kids copy the vocabulary word with the picture instead of tracing.

Opposites Language Station

In this station, kinders use the picture cards (with the words in small print) to match up opposite pairs.  Their are 10 antonym pairs.

First, they find a match.

Then, they record it on their recording page.

Have early finishers?  Have them turn over the opposite cards and play a memory game with their partner or alone…trying to find opposite pairs that match!

Things That Belong Station

During this activity, kinders match themed cards with things that go together.

First, the kids find a match of things that belong and tell their partner why they belong together.

Then, they record the pictures on the recording page.

During the 2nd semester, this activity becomes a noun and verb sort as the language skills increase for kindergarteners!
Have early finishers?  Have them turn over the puzzle cards and play a memory game with their partner or alone…trying to find pairs that belong together!

Category Puzzles

In this station, students put together puzzle pieces of things in the same category: school supplies, math tools, school lunch, etc…  Then, they record the items in the category boxes on the recording page.  There are 8 category puzzles!
Each month of language centers has one of each of these 4 activities and they progressively get harder throughout the year.  Try out one of the activities for FREE here.  And find the bundle of language centers here!

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