Lego Classroom Decor

Welcome to 2020.  The year of the pandemic.

And the year we decided to temporarily homeschool our 7 year
old.  Homeschool was the right decision right now for us because it came
down to the LRE–the least restrictive environment.  It’s a term we use
in public school for our special needs children.  And it was the idea
that we kept coming back to as parents.  Which environment–in person,
all virtual, or homeschool–will give Cooper the least restrictive
environment.  And the answer every time was homeschool.
Since my 7 year old boy LOVES legos, our homeschool classroom theme became
obvious!  And I think it turned out adorably.  Take a look at our
lego classroom space!
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Our upstairs playroom has the perfectly sized window jut-out area.  It
has great natural light and is just the perfect size for a homeschool

2nd Grade Lego Sign

The first thing we did is make our “2nd” grade sign for the window
sill.  I grabbed
these paper mache letters
online since I wasn’t going in stores, spray painted them black and hot
glued random, extra legos to it.  The 2 is a 12″ letter and the N &
D are 8″ letters.

The rest of the window holds our books we are reading that week. 
Clearly, this week, we will be enjoying some Frog and Toad!

Lego Head Painted Jars

I ordered rainbow drawers to keep our supplies organized, but I also wanted
a few supply jars out.  These lego jars were perfect!

I found a few extra small mason jars.  These are the
8 ounce sized jars.  First, I decided to use craft paint.

You can see that clearly didn’t work well.  The paint peeled,
and the more coats I tried to add, the worse it got…

So I bought some
spray paint
and problem solved.  It was so easy and soooo much faster.  I wish I
would’ve done this earlier!

Then, my handy husband cut a 4″ cube for me from a left over post scrap he had
in his shop.  I did use craft paints to paint this blue and it worked
great!!  It took 2-3 coats to get the coloring right.  I wanted it
to look like one of the lego heads had a blue shirt lego block and I think it
works well!

Aren’t the adorable?  I had fun painting the faces and letting my 7 year
old paint too! 🙂

Lego Drawer Pull

In the middle of a work-from-home, school-from-home pandemic, desks are a
hot commodity!!
After 2 desk ordering fails, I finally found
this desk and this chair at Walmart for under $50.  It’s simple and basic, but that’s what we
needed for this kid space anyway!  (Rainbow drawers are from Amazon.)
I decided to add a drawer pull to it to tie it in to our theme.  
Cooper built a lego droid drawer pull (can you tell his other love is Star
Wars??).  We used hot glue to attach it to the drawer, but that didn’t
last long.  Right now, it’s stuck with
Gorilla Super Glue.  Fingers crossed this lasts longer!

Lego Bulletin Board

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know I LOVE a good
anchor chart.  So having a place to post our learning this year was
crucial!  I ordered
this cork bulletin board
and covered it in black fabric.  Then, I hot glued mega blocks around
the border.  I bought
this set of mega blocks
and I had less than 10 left over so it worked perfectly with
this size board.
I drew and cut out the light bulb, and made and printed the text for our big
idea.  This is our big idea for the first nine weeks.  I’ve
planned out 4 big ideas for the year!  If you have any of
my integrated units, you know I’m a believer in a big idea to connect across all subject
areas.  Homeschooling will be no different!

I love how this board turned out!  Soon it will be full of anchor charts
and learning.  Follow me on
to see the progress! 

If you love this bulletin board, you can find templates, for 3 lego themed
inspirational quotes in this
bulletin board set.
I really love our little space and hope it makes for a successful year of 2nd

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