Love One Another

It’s week 2 of my PreK Sunday School Valentine’s Unit, Love One Another.

I love being able to make Valentine’s Day a spiritual holiday for my preschoolers.  I’ve taught variations of this same unit for about 3 years now and we have so much fun!  And what I love about is that I’ve used the some of the same concepts and craftivities with my firsties over the years {minus the Bible verses…darn you, public schools!} and they have been perfect for that age group too!  Church goer or not…we can all use a little more practice in loving one another, no matter your age!

Exploration Stations

The first 10-15 minutes of each week in Sunday School we spend in exploration stations.  The preschoolers are welcomed in and then choose a station to explore.  Most stations are themed to support our big idea or lesson for the day or unit.  Here are some a couple of my favorites from this unit!

My preschoolers LOVE puzzles!  These heart puzzles show kids with all kinds of emotions.  They match the emotions and talk about ways to show kindness to friends showing that emotion!

Of course, we must always have blocks to play with.  But I love making their play purposeful and connecting it to our big ideas.  This one was last minute, so I just drew a heart and wrote in the “I can” at the top.  But I’ve added this to the unit if you already have it!

We also have mirrors for the kids to play with and show people that God loves!

God Loves Me

The first week, we learned that God loves me!  No matter what I look like and no matter what kind of choices I make, God will always love me!  We made self-portraits and talked about how much God loves our differences!

Love the Lord

Then, we learned that God wants us to love Him back.  We read a trade book and talked about how we give people we love things.  When we love God, we want to give him our heart.  We learned the Bible verse, “I will love the Lord with all my heart…” Luke 10:27.

Then, we made heart crafts to hang as a reminder of our gift of love to God!

Love Others

Our last week, we learned that we are to love other people the way God loves us.  We read about The Good Samaritan during our Bible Time.

Then, we brainstormed ways to show love to others and added the heart leaves to our kindness tree!

I also did this with my own kid and added hearts each time he did something kind on his own.

Such fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with my Sunday Schoolers!  And check out my TPT store for my other Sunday School units.

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