Main Idea & FREEBIE

This is week 2 on our Stayin’ Alive Unit!  We are digging deep into inferring the main idea from non-fiction text!  
We started by charting main idea.  Then we became inferencing detectives with our main idea bag stations!  I have 6 group tables, so I made 7 main idea bags–1 for each table and one for us to model together with.  
We did a bag together first.  I took each detail out of the bag and said, “This detail is ______,” trying to reinforce the language of “main idea” and “detail.”  Then, we did a think-pair-share with carpet partners to figure out the main idea.  After each main idea inference, we went through each detail on the back and said, “Would skeleton be a good detail for a human body main idea?”  I modeled how to write the main idea and illustrate the details on their recording sheet.
Then, they went back as inferencing detectives to their group’s table.  I told them how important it was that they worked quietly so they didn’t give away the main idea to other groups.  They spent 5 minutes at each station.  

The main ideas I used were: human body {for modeling together}, animals, vehicles, Halloween, toys, school supplies, and shapes.
Once they figured out the main idea as a group, they wrote it on the corresponding number line on their recording sheet and then illustrated and labeled the details from the bag. {We worked super duper hard on labeling last week! Read about that HERE.}  Then, they rotated through all 6 stations after our 5 minute timer.  After we finished rotating through all 6 stations, they had a few extra minutes at their desk to color their detail illustrations and finish any labeling or illustrating they didn’t finish at stations.  
After that, we came together as a whole group and discussed the correct main idea for each bag!  They had so much fun with this!!
Here’s the {{FREEBIE}} main idea handout we used. Click to print your copy!  I hope your kiddos enjoy it as much as mine did!!