Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom

Operation ELF is in full-swing in our classroom!

Jingle {the name this class chose} made his appearance the Monday after Thanksgiving…just one week ago.  And since, has been busy turning on his craziness in our room!

We had an awesome list of Elf name suggestions this year: Jingle, Elfie, Pegasus Elf, and my personal favorite, Flick.  I mean, really.  Flick is just the cutest name I’ve heard in a long time.  So….you know those teacher super powers we have where we “will” our kids to choose something we like??  You know the sort…”That’s a GREAT name!” instead of the typical, “okay…” Or there’s the classic, “Thank you so much for still picking Flick even though your friends are choosing other things.  You never know when you might convince someone else to change their mind!”

…come on, don’t lie…you know you’ve done that before! 🙂

Well, as much as I tried, Flick lost with only 2 lonely votes….*tear* My teacher powers have left me! But Jingle is a CUTE name too, so I can’t complain.

…and, hey! It’s definitely better than Cougar. {Yes, that was the name of a past Elf…but it’s been several years and I honestly can’t remember if that was my classes’ elf or a teammate’s!}

Usually, within a day or two of arrival, Mr. Elf brings our first letter from my Elf Packet

But last week, I was out two days for meetings and, let’s face it…I just had bigger fish to fry! {Animal research for animal presentations…I’ll be blogging about that later!}

So today, we had our first letter from Jingle.

 {just ignore the random math chart on the easel…:)}

But we almost didn’t have a letter at all.  First, I had to bring the letter today, but didn’t make it to school until 7:33.  Which seems early.  Except that our kids come into our classroom at 7:30…. *sad trombone* So, I didn’t make it in time to tape the letter on our board.  Luckily, a teammate bailed me out and taped the letter for us while we went down to the computer lab to MAP test first thing this morning. *Phew!*

We opened the letter and read it…. {edit…I read the letter and did not put it on the ELMO for us all to read together, BECAUSE…I may have put out the wrong letter in all of my hurrying around this morning.  So…I “pretend” read what was supposed to be on the first letter.

Elf – 2
Mrs. Shaddock – 0

Luckily, the kids thought it was perfect and never second guessed a thing!  I just love the creativity of first graders.  They will come up with any excuse for a worthy cause! 🙂

Jingle also left behind our supplies for making elves!

Our elf application gave us the perfect chance to review opinion writing…and since being an elf is just plain motivating, I had some pretty convincing applications!  We brainstormed convincing reasons for our applications, but these kids just kill me.  I just love their creativity!

I. Love. First Graders!  “P.S. I need different color clothes to camouflage.”  Through the eyes of a child….

And look how cute these elves turned out…with just the simple example that Jingle brought….

 ….and his instructions to make your elf look like you would want to look as an elf!

 Clearly, this is “diva elf!” ha!!

 Crazy eyes!  I mean, seriously!!!

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