2nd Grade Money Activities and Games

Money is a HUGE part of the math curriculum for 2nd graders!  It can be a
pretty abstract concept for many kids, but I love using hands on, real world money activities and games to bring counting money to life.  Let’s take a closer look at a few
of my favorite money activities and money games for second grade.

Alexander, Who Used to be Rich…

I love this book so much.  But honestly, I just love Alexander no matter
what book he’s in!

The story is perfect for walking through a real world example of using money
and counting coins.  Because our goal for this lesson is identifying the
value of coins, that is what I really focus on for each slide of the story.
Then, we play Roll A Dollar and kids practicing adding pennies up to one

Counting Collections of Coins

Making money realistic and relating it to the real world is so
This digital game
does just that!  We go through these slides together and count the coins
to write the price on the tag.

Once we practice this skill together, kids get in partners and grab 10 coins
from their prepared bag and count their collection!

Building a Collection of Coins

Who doesn’t want to help Granny with her fruit stand?  I love
this activity
because it can be digital or printable.  Plus, depending on the group’s
decision, there are so many ways to work through Granny’s fruit stand!

You can find all of the money activities and lesson plans for 2nd grade math in
Guided Math Workshop Lesson Plans.

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