More Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom

The adventures of Jingle the Elf continue…. {you can read about how it all started in my Operation Elf post.}

After Jingle took our elf applications back to the North Pole for Santa’s review, we found out that…


Oh. My. Goodness.

The shrills were out of control….except for one little sweetie who I thought was going to cry because she didn’t want to leave mommy and daddy to live in the North Pole! #HappensEveryYear

But the almost tears were soon under control when we found out from Jingle’s letter that there would be no need to move to the North Pole.  Our jobs were simple: look for nice things that others around us are doing and report them back to Santa–nice only reports…because, ya know, Jingle’s already taking care of the naughty notes! *wink*

Jingle brought a “Merry Notes” bucket {along with special Elf paper!} straight from the North Pole for all of the nice things we had to report.

…and take a look at this bucket by the end of just day 1 on the job! It also helps that we read a few of the nice notes and rewarded those nice kiddos at the end of each day!! ***EDIT: my latest update to this packet has nice note templates already made for you! :)***

Here’s a look at a few of the crazy ways we have found Jingle each morning….

This next one is a kid-favorite every year!  They love getting to look at their “sELFie” in the mirror…and it usually means twice as many bathroom trips for every kid in our classroom!

 The day after we made our Rudolph ornaments, Jingle decided he just had to make HIS own Rudolph!

And on the last day before break, Jingle brought his last letter, along with a gift from Santa!  You can read about how we opened the gift with a party game favorite HERE!

After all of our adventures with Jingle, we just had to write about it.  First, we charted adjectives to describe Jingle…

Then we wrote a descriptive writing about Jingle using the adjectives and giving specific reasons to support our opinions!

“Jingle is silly when he hands on the picture of the reptiles and  had our letter.  He was messy when he cut the red nose out of paper.  He is quiet.  He is sneaky when he drew on the mirror.”

This was so fun.  It was the perfect ending to our great elf adventures… and a great way to record their memories of Jingle!  Grab these activities and more HERE!

Until next year, little Elf! 🙂

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