Mrs. Mom: Mommy’s Little Elf

As I type this…I am playing “stay at home mom” with my little boy.  So thankful for a job that let’s me have so much mommy time with my baby!

Our elf, Choo-Choo, finally arrived at our house {he may have been busy elf-ing for my first graders…and he may even just be a back up elf since the “real” elf is packed away deep in storage!}….#sELFie

So in honor of Choo-Choo the elf, I thought I’d blog about Mommy’s own little elf helper during our break!

Cooper has been busy helping Mommy during our break.  It may take twice as long to get things done around our apartment, but he WANTS to help.  And he LOVES to help.

And he NEEDS to help…because it’s good for him.  I’ve never been one to wait until nap time to do chores.  I believe Cooper needs to see Mommy and Daddy doing chores.  And he needs to learn to help…to be a cheerful servant!  And honestly, that’s more fun for all of us anyways!

Cooper absolutely loves laundry days.  On days when our laundry is caught up {okay…pretty much just that *one* time…}, he goes in to our laundry room to check the dryer for more “yahnwee.”  He’s even cried over not having any laundry to do.

…glad somebody in this house enjoys laundry!

We’ve done laundry and wrapped gifts…He’s loved taping on the tags and holding the ribbon down while Mommy ties…and he has felt so proud to put each gift under the tree! And our wrappings have just been a hodge podge of left over wrapping paper from Christmases past, extra washi tape, ribbons and burlaps left over from projects, and tags cut out of white notepad paper.  But I think our little eclectic mix turned out just perfect!  And more importantly, it didn’t cost me a thing!

He’s even managed to find a few of his own presents…and he hasn’t even tried to open them!  #ChristmasMiracle

Since I pretty much couldn’t even think straight during the last week or two before school was out, I hadn’t even managed to think about gifts for Cooper’s church nursery teachers until Saturday after break.  So, we made my mom’s recipe for Christmas Scent {with a few additions} to gift for teachers.  I decided on that because pretty much one of my favorite memories from my childhood is smelling the Christmas potpourri on the stove…and because I had almost everything I needed already at the house, which is a blessing when you have to rush to put together gifts.

Mommy’s little elf helped with this too…and he LOVED it!  He giggled the whole time calling out the names of his nursery teachers…”SeeSee” {Cindy}, “Beeyee” {Billy}, “KeeKee” {Kristi}, “Susan” {this one is quite clear, for whatever reason!}, and “Mehyin” {Meghan}.

There’s that cheesy smile from Mommy’s little elf! Such an easy thing for littles to help with too!

Turn on the heat and enjoy!  Isn’t it so pretty?

You can find the recipe and gift tags for it HERE!

A little craft paper circle to add some ruffles under the lid, a string of raffia and a Christmas tag I made (grab it here) and printed on regular paper.  Simple, fun to make and Cooper was so proud to hand out his gifts Sunday.   And Mommy loves that he is learning at such an early age that, “God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”

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