Mrs. Mom: Potty Training

I was going to just post this on Facebook, but I decided I wanted to blog this too so that I won’t forget these sweet memories!

Excuse all of the personal posts lately… 8 days later, here are…

13 Lessons Learned From Potty Training:

1. It is super exhausting the first three days…like never-been-so-happy-for nap-time-to-come exhausting!

2.  Just. Stay. Home.  For 3 days.  Nothing is important enough to leave the house for during the first 3 days.

3. And when you do venture out, count on getting asked to go potty as soon as everyone is buckled up in the car.  Even if you just tried before you left.  Every. Time.

4.  Toilets are not the only acceptable places for a little boy to potty.  Bushes are okay too.  And showers. All 3 will get a resounding, “Yay!” from said little boy…

5.  Always, ALWAYS wipe after an “attempt.” Even if it’s not successful.  I repeat.  ALWAYS wipe!

6. Which, of course, means that baby wipes and carpet cleaner are the best inventions ever.

7.  Nothing will make you jump higher or faster than hearing the words, “Uh-Oh,” during training time.

8.  Stickers motivate first graders and stickers motivate toddlers.  And the process of choosing the “perfect” sticker can be a very intense process!

9. 3 full days of complete success does not mean you are out of the woods yet…

10.  21 month old boys like to dance.  Naked.  A lot.

11.  A naked toddler bottom running around the house {or apartment} is the cutest thing in the world…

12. …except that a toddling bottom in underwear is actually the cutest thing in the world…And that little bottom will get patted and squeezed all day long.  Trust me.

13. For whatever reason, my toddler in underwear means he wants to snuggle a lot more than normal…and I am SO okay with that!

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