My Favorite Math Anchor Charts

It’s no secret that I LOOOOVE a good anchor chart.

That’s probably why I have an entire Pinterest board called “Anchor Chart Addiction.”  It’s definitely a legit problem!

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite Math anchor charts we’ve made over the years.

Math Practices Charts

I use the Standards for Math Practices as our goals for each week in math.  You can read about that routine in detail here. When we introduce it we start the anchor chart and then add to the anchor charts throughout the year as we learn more and understand more about that math practice standard.

Here are a few examples from most of our standards for math practice using our old chart printouts! #throwbackpics Find the updated charts here!

Number Sense Charts

In addition to our Standards for Math Practices charts, sometimes we need specific charts to help us understand a bigger number understanding in math!

Our fractions chart from when we discovered how to equally divide shapes. Read more about the activity with this chart here.

When we learned about relationships between numbers and equations, we learned about related facts with this fun jingle that we charted together.  Read about that activity in detail here.

One of my all-time favorite math charts is one of the simplest too!  When my kids discover commutative property during math talks or our math wall time, we chart it.

I’m a big believer in calling a spade a spade.  So, equations that use the commutative property are not “flip flop facts,” because that’s not what real mathematician’s call it.  They call it commutative property.  And so do my first graders! #steppingoffsoapbox

BUT, I love using the flip flop as a visual anchor chart reminder of what the commutative property is!

During our Counting Collections routine (read more here), we chart our expectations for building number sense during this weekly time.

Math Skills Charts

While about 80-90% of my yearly math instruction is spent on building number sense and algebraic thinking, we do spend some time on math skills too!

But since we don’t spend much time with them, we need fabulous charts to help these skills stick!  Here are a few of my favorites!

When we work on our data investigations, we use this chart throughout that week to add to our ideas about what data displays need.  Read about that engaging investigation here.

We did a similar investigation on measurement using these digital math talks slides on measurement.

And more measurement with our pumpkin investigation.  Can you tell I like to make anchor charts into shapes! #easytofind

And, of course, our clock investigations and crafts which you can read more about here!

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