New Year…New Blog!

So I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a try! I love to journal and write, but usually I do it privately. So blogging and writing publicly is a big step for me. BUT…I love to teach my firsties and I wanted a way to remember all of the fun adventures I’m having.  I totally regret not having my first 8 years documented!
That teacher journal everyone told me to keep and write down cute things kids say? Yeah, I never did one. Should have. But I didn’t. 
Those pictures I should’ve taken of classroom memories, fun projects, or great lesson ideas so I wouldn’t forget them? Yeah, I never did that.  Should have.  But I didn’t.
Those Common Core standards that everyone says are too hard, have changed teaching too much and are too boring for the kids? Yeah, I’m not perfect at that either.  Should be better.  But I’m not.
Here’s to a new year and new projects! I’m going to be better.  Better at finding fun, creative ways to teach the Common Core standards.  Better at taking pictures to document the small moments, crazy moments and {every now and then} brilliant moments! Better at writing down those bits of kid cuteness!
Let’s be better together!

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