New Year’s: One Word

Over the weekend, I
blogged about my New Year’s Resolution.  After hearing about my dad talk about
this book…

I decided I had to try it.  And so far, I’M LOVING THIS!  It gives me
a great focus for my year and it’s easy to remember!  And since I’ve shared
my word and resolution, I’ve had several people tell me ways they do this with
their families, teenagers, etc, and I just can’t believe I didn’t know about
this sooner!!  {Gonna steal my teammate’s family’s idea of displaying each
family member’s word on the mantle for next year!}

So, all of this got me to thinking that surely first graders could do this too!
….so they did!!

We beefed up our ole’
New Year’s writing
this year to focus on one word.

First, we talked about New Year’s traditions.  We talked about
resolutions and I shared how I chose one word for this year.

Then we brainstormed a list of words they would like to choose as goals for

After that, I model wrote how I would write about my word: ENCOURAGE.
 “In 2015, I will encourage…” and then I did a think aloud to model how
I would write ways I could be encouraging: writing nice notes to others,
giving compliments….  We also brainstormed ideas for some of the other
words they came up with.  Lots of focus on sticking to ONE WORD…because
these are six year olds after all! 🙂

I thought they would do okay, but actually I was *floored* at how seriously
they took this project.  Their ticket to their desk was to tell me their
word.  Kid after kid, the word was just perfect for what they needed!
 I was amazed!  While they started writing, I went around and
counted out pennants for them to write their word on.  They got to choose
whether to do rainbow colors like me or a pattern.  I made my pennants to
wide so they could only be used for 5 letter words max….so here are
directions for how I made the pennants with adjusted widths!
     *Cut 1×2″ rectangles in whatever color construction paper
you want to use
     *Cut the flag part out of the bottom, cutting halfway from
each corner.

When I cut the flag part out, I just grabbed a stack of 10-12 and cut at the
same time.  It sounds tedious, but it really didn’t take very long at

Once they had their pennants I had them arrange them on their paper first and
then write their word with crayon.

For the kazoos…they are made from construction paper:
     *cut one inch strips of construction paper
     *curl half of the strip with a pencil
     *fold the straight end in half and tape together
     *glue to mouth

I was so happy with how this project turned out!  If you want to see me
make the
2 versions offered
for this craft,
check out this video!

Since this went so well, I decided I needed a way to help them remember their
word even after we sent the projects home.  I made pennant labels with
their words to stick on their nametags.  The font I used was
KG A Little Swag
{and it’s FREE!!}.  I hope this will be the perfect reminder for 2015!

This was such a fun way to kick off the new semester and I think this *ONE
WORD* thing is really going to stick with them better this year!  Find
this new year’s craftivity

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