One Word 2016

Last year, I started a tradition with my first graders on choosing one word to focus for the year…and I fell in love INSTANTLY with this project! {Read about it here!}

But, I was <<<SUPER>>> excited to try making #OneWord2016 Resolutions with my family this year!  Last year, a friend of mine shared that her family made one word resolutions and posted them on their mantel in January.  I loved this idea and although it came a little too late for 2015, I knew it would be perfect for this year!

Each person in our family came up with one word resolutions {okay, okay, I sort of helped my 3 year old, but he understood more than I thought he would!}

Justin’s word is MOVE: physically move by exercising and mentally move by making quicker decisions.

I was pretty sure I knew what my word would be back the Sunday before Thanksgiving when God reminded me of one of my favorite hymns in church…. “Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say…”

And even though it may seem like a hard connection for some, it was clear my word should be PATIENT:  patient with my family, patient in my parenting, and patient with the lot I am currently blessed with.

Cooper’s word is SERVE:  We used our family rules poster to decide on which one he wanted to work on this year.  While he is a good helper–no a GREAT helper for a 3 year old–our desire is that he begin to help and to serve without being asked first, by asking, “How can I help you?” and by beginning to see needs in others who need to be served.

Then, my hubby used his newest “tool toy” to cut out each of our words!

We spray painted our words white and the husband attached them to the pallet wood frame.

I think this looks perfect hanging in our entry way!  It will be a constant reminder of what we plan to work on in 2016!

And even though it’ll be hard to leave my sweet family for work again next week, I can’t wait to try my latest version with my sweet students next week too!

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