Drug Free Owl Writing Craft

This week is red ribbon week!  I love integrating drug free learning into our writing.  And this owl craft is the perfect fall bulletin board display and is meaningful for red ribbon week too!

This year, our drug free week coordinated perfectly with our study on the human body in our unit, Stayin’ Alive.  We were able to make some really good connections when learning about drugs to the organs and muscles when had been studying.  We watched this video on drug education.  It’s short and to the point and has plenty of info for first graders to understand!

We paused the video after they talked about each category of drug {tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs} and charted the information from the video.  This was another great way to tie in shared research with a non-fiction video instead of a text.  Our kiddos are learning quickly that there is a variety of non-fiction resources.

Every year, I’m amazed at how engaged kids are in talking about drugs.  Even at 6 and 7 years old.  And the knowledge they have about alcohol and even illegal drugs is unbelievable.  Scary, actually.  This year was no different.  Again, this year brought great conversation, concern for parents who smoke, and that one sweet firstie who brags about how much the parents drink and how many times the dad or mom has been to jail for drinking.  I know I’m a naive person.  But, again, I say how blessed I was to grow up in a home where there was no fear of dad or mom going to jail for any reason.  There was no need to think that alcohol was “cool” at the young age of 6, because I didn’t even know it existed.  Yes, again, I say,

Thank you, Lord, for blessing my childhood with innocence and purity.

Moving on…

After we charted our research on drugs, my firsties wrote their opinion on staying drug free.  Of course, all of our opinions were to be drug free.  Although our Stayin’ Alive unit writing focus is informative, we will continue to work on opinion writing here and there throughout the year.

After our writing, we made “wise owls” to display our writing.

 “slur speed”….errr….slur speech.  I love first grade writing!

You can find this writing and craftivity in my Stayin’ Alive Unit or by itself!  Happy drug free week, friends!

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