Paintbrush Bulletin Board

Last year, I redecorated my church Sunday School classroom with a rainbow theme.  You can see the entire room here.

Since that time, I’ve had lots of questions about how I made this paintbrush bulletin board.  So, I thought I’d just blog a little how-to on this colorful bulletin board.  It’s truly one of the favorites I’ve ever made!

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First, I covered my bulletin board with black fabric and paint swatches.  I just went to my local hardware store and grabbed a paint swatch for red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple and got enough copies of each color to go around my entire bulletin board.

Then, I made the paintbrush.  I used a brown posterboard and silver metallic posterboard to draw and make the paintbrush.  Yes, I just freehanded it.  First, with pencil so I could erase and redo and erase and redo! 🙂  And then, I went over it with a big fat sharpie marker.  I added some lines and dots on the gray to make it more realistic…I actually used my 1 inch hole punch to punch black circles to glue on.  NO, it’s not perfect, but I like it just fine and think the imperfections add to the whimsy of it!

Next, I stapled the brown and silver posterboard up.  I did NOT staple the bottom so I could attach the brushes.

Then, I bought cheap, plastic table covers in rainbow colors.  I gathered one color at a time, bunched it some to make it look pleated, and then stapled it under the brush.  Then, I let the length just hang for now.  You really don’t need much length of this, so if you have something else to use scrap plastic cloth for, there is plenty to save!  Or you can split it with a friend that wants to make the same bulletin board!

Once all the colors were stapled under the brush, I stapled the bottom of the brush down to finish that up.  Then, I trimmed all of the plastic table covers across the bottom of my bulletin board.  You can cut them to any length you want.  I used my scissors to add bristles at the bottom to finish it off a little better than just a straight cut.

After the paintbrush was finished, it was time to add the words.

I added a Bible verse since this is my church classroom.  You can use these same fonts that I used to create your own words:
*KG Sorry Not Sorry Chub
*CC Blurred Limes
*CC Pitcher Perfect

Or I have this Bible verse (Ephesians 2:10) and some secular options available already made for you right here!

Just print and cut!  PRO-TIP: Cut with a little bit of a white space around the font to make it stand out even better instead of cutting directly on the black line.

I did not laminate these letters.  But on the cursive words, I did leave some of the “inside parts” there instead of cutting them out and just colored them in with black sharpie.  #lifesaver #thinfontprobs

I just adore how it turned out!  Grab this bulletin here or an entire year of bulletin board templates here.


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