Pancakes, PJs, and Polar Express

Friday was our pancakes, pajamas and Polar Express party!  And, goodness, was this one memorable!

I got to school at the crack.of.dawn. Friday morning to get our gift from Santa laid out before curious eyes came around! {You can read about that HERE.}

We do our class Christmas party right off the bat.  We dress in our pajamas and cook pancakes…and then after lunch we drink hot chocolate and watch The Polar Express.  Such a fun filled day!  But this year, it got a little more interesting…

By 7:45, I had each of the shake and pour pancake mixes ready, all 3 griddles turned on and hot and was ready to go.  I had parents coming shortly to help me.

At 7:50, after I had poured pancakes on all 3 griddles and was waiting patiently for them to bubble, I realized that none of them were bubbling.  Then, I realized the griddles weren’t hot anymore!!

By this time a dad had come in to join the party and so I asked him to take a look.  A breaker was blown.  Of course it was.  Of course.

Luckily, my principal had come in to check on our party and when I told her what was going on, she just went and flipped the breakers back.  We decided that one wall of outlets was overloaded so we moved 2 griddles to the other wall.  *Phew*

We were running behind, but by this time I had 4 parents helping and we were rockin’ and rollin’ on pancakes!  Half the kids had plates of pancakes and blueberries ready to enjoy!

….and then another breaker blew.  Pancake flipping was halted–again!  I tried to call and track down someone to switch the breaker, but no luck.  So we moved some more griddles to another wall and were back in business.  All pancakes FINALLY were made and the kids were eating their pancakes and blueberries happily!

We played our first pass the present game with the gift and instructions that Jingle the Elf sent us!

They were thrilled to get gen-u-ine bells from Santa Claus! With personalized labels, no less!

…and then the Christmas tree lights went out and the Christmas music stopped.  I mean. REALLY.  In 9 years, never…

We weren’t going to let a little “Bah, Humbug” get Room 210 down though!  On to decorating Christmas trees!  We started this tradition last year and I’ll be doing it every year.  It’s so much easier with a class than doing gingerbread houses and a change up from just decorating cookies!

{A bit of a caution if you do this though…buy extra cones.  The sugar waffle cones are what I buy and they come in 12 packs.  I bought 3 packs for 25 kids.  Last year I didn’t have a single extra left over because several were broken…}

Sugar waffle cones, icing {which I usually die green, but left my food coloring at home this year…SNOWY trees anyone??}, MMs and sprinkles, and a few left over blueberries and you are all set!


With the Christmas music still out {or, rather, the breaker the music was on…}, we started our next game…

Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

I had grand plans, to have the Frozen song playing in the background during the game, but, alas, no music….

Until our principal walked in again to check in on the party and realized we had more breakers out…so she went and fixed them again!  Bless her sweet heart!!

So with the music up and running and our Christmas lights back on, we were ready for our game.  The mission was simple: build a snowman with 3 marshmallows on the end of a wooden craft stick…while the stick was in your mouth.

Build a snowman and keep it on there long enough for me to get a picture of it and you and your partner get candy.

No problem at all.

Except it’s not as easy as it looks!  But they had so much fun!  The giggles were just out of control!  And what was hilarious was because it was so hard, they started problem solving really fast.  One set of partners built this…

 …a smashed up, “melting” snowman.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but they played by the rules I gave them!

Another one built this…”3 baby snowmen!”

During the 2nd round {we switched who held the sticks and who built the snowman…after getting all new supplies, of course!}, I told them they had to do it without squishing to challenge them a little more.

So they went to building…


And then finally some REAL snowmen appeared!

I got several pictures of partners that had built snowmen and were actually getting them to stay without falling….and then I wondered…and asked,

“Did you lick the marshmallows?”  Smarty pants first graders of mine.  They had come up with more ways to build a silly snowman than I had thought of as an adult!  Props to the creative problem solving skills!

Check out this leaning snowman…

The rest of the day included pictures with Santa, hot chocolate and The Polar Express.

Yes, they were full of the Christmas crazies…Especially with having inside recess that day…{Boo for rain on the day before break!}

…But I can’t imagine a better job than one where I get to work in my pajamas all day long on the last day of work before a 2 week vacation!

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