Parables Bible Unit for Preschoolers

I love having activities to do with our Bible stories to help reinforce the story with my preschoolers.  Our parables unit is the perfect example for this.  So here’s a quick look at some of the parables we learn about in this unit and the activities we do after our Bible time to reinforce those parables.

The Lost Sheep & Coin

These parables and the parable of the prodigal son are all very similar.  So, we had similar activities for these.

For the lost sheep, I printed off these sheep cards and “hid” them around the room while the kid-shepherds were “sleeping.” 🙂  Then, I “woke up” the shepherds and they went looking for the lost sheep!

When we learned about the Lost Coin the next week, we did the same activity, but I hid 10 pennies that time!

The Farmer Sows His Seed

For this parable, we planted our own seeds!  Note: there is an experiment handout for older kids, but we did not use this for my preschoolers…we just talked about it!

We tested out planting seeds on the road, the rocks, among the thorns and in the good soil–just like the farmer did in Jesus’ story!

Then, each of our kiddos planted their own seeds in dirt….{thanks to overwatering they didn’t quite survive, but…:(}

We also had a seed sort during our exploration stations time to go along with this parable!

The Wiseman and the Foolish Man

This was our final parable for this unit!  During the unit, the kids worked at our block station during exploration time to build strong houses.  But on the day we talked about this parable, I set up stations with different kinds of blocks.  Two boys worked at each station–it was an all boys day!! 🙂

Their goal was to work together to build the strongest house to hold a hardback Bible on top!  I gave them just 2-3 minutes to *wisely* build their structure.

Then we watched as each team tested the strength of their structures!

You can find ideas and materials for these activities, plus detailed plans for this parable unit here!

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