Peter Bible Story Crafts and Games

is a well-known disciple of Christ in the Bible.  I love him because he
is passionate about following Jesus, but his imperfections also shine through
in the Bible stories about him.  

Mostly, I love the transformation that Jesus does in Peter because it reminds
me that when we meet and follow Jesus, he changes us!  Here are the
*adorable* crafts and fun games we used during this Peter Bible Story unit from my Sunday School curriculum.

Let’s Go Fishin’

The first time we meet Peter in the Bible, he and his brother Andrew are
fishing in a boat as professional fishermen.  Jesus asks them to leave
their job behind and follow him to become fishers of men instead!

We play, “Let’s Go Fishin'” as one of our stations during this
and play it all together after this lesson!  We take turns answering
questions about the story.  If they answer the question correctly, they
get to go fishin’!  Find the game here…

Fishers of Men Craftivity

After that
first lesson, we also make a “fishers of men” craft!  I copy fish on bright colors
of paper and the kids “bubble cut” around the fish and write people they can
share the gospel with.  For young kinders, you can write the words and
have them copy them.  Older kinders can try to write them on your own.

I drew the lines on the sandwich-sized plastic bag beforehand, but your kids
could do that if you wish.  

Then, just glue the bag to the fishnet handle.  I used the
cardstock templates from the unit, but you could also use a dowel rod or a stick if you wanted!

“I Am Not Ashamed: Rooster Craft

At Peter’s lowest point, he denied that he followed Jesus three times. 
And just as Jesus said would happen, a rooster crowed at that very moment!

After this lesson, we made this adorable rooster.  We cut out the
templates from the
unit, added googly eyes and 4 colorful feathers for his tail.  This one is
super easy to also put up at a
creation station
if you are in a Christian classroom and have students look at your example
and create it as it is very easy to do independently.

We had so much fun putting him together and reviewing the lesson together!

Painted Rocks

Even though Peter denied Jesus, he was transformed by the power of the Holy
Spirit and he became the rock that Jesus built the Christian church on…he
became the first preacher of the Christian church.
After this lesson, where Jesus tells Peter his name means rock and he is the
rock he will build his church on, we did painted rocks!
You can bring rocks or if you have time and a good spot, you can go for a
walk looking for a rock.
Let the kids paint the rocks how they choose.  We used q-tips as easy
throw away paint brushes and they worked great!

Once the rocks dry, we used a sharpie to write, “Jesus loves you” on
it.  Then, we found the perfect place to put our painted rock for
others to find.  It was a neat way to share the gospel with others!

You can also just write each child’s name on the rock as a reminder for them
to keep and show that Jesus wants to use all of us to build his church.
You can find the directions, materials, and templates for these crafts,
games and much more as part of my Sunday School curriculum in this
10 week Peter Bible story unit!

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