Pocket Chart Center Routines & Freebie

Pocket Chart stations have been around for AGES in kindergarten.  And even with the introduction of all that technology in the classroom, pocket charts still stay!  Why?  Because they are a great way for kids to interact with skills they’ve been learning.  And let’s be honest… kids LOVE pocket charts because it makes them feel like a teacher!

Today we are chatting about fresh ideas for your kindergarten Pocket Chart station and I’ll be giving you a freebie too! #winwin

Setting Up Pocket Chart Station

Pocket Chart station is mostly a “set” station in my classroom.  Meaning…. it’s not mobile.  Kids don’t take it to their desk or a special spot to do.  It hangs on my wall and kids come to the station instead of the station coming to them.  However, last year, when I did a long-term sub job in kindergarten, the kids moved the pocket chart to the open carpet area because their pocket chart was on wheels.  So, it’s up to you on how you want to do it!

Since I’m currently on a mommy break with my twins, what it looks like in my preschool Sunday School room will have to do for a picture of it!  All the supplies are kept in the pocket chart for this one because it frees up my floor space.  But you can certainly keep them in a tub nearby if you prefer!

Word Building Puzzles

One of my favorite pocket chart activities is word and letter building puzzles!  At the beginning of the year, this starts off with letter puzzles.

Later in the year, we move to building words with the beginning, ending and then middle sounds!  They LOVE these puzzles!

By the end of the year, they are adding “e” to words to build CVCe words in kindergarten!

Word Sorts

In this activity, students sort words by the first, last or middle letter!  There is no “reading” in this one as much as it is just paying attention to the letters and print.  In our phonics station, we practice decoding words with the same skills!

Later in the year, we sort CVC and blend words as real or wacky words to practice our decoding and comprehension skills.

Story Sequencing

This activity focuses on building sequencing and comprehension skills which helps with retelling stories with a beginning, middle and end.  This station starts out photo heavy.  Sentences are included at the bottom of the photos to help those who may be reading, but they can absolutely be sequenced without reading the sentences!

Starting in March, the sentences and the photos are separate.  Kinders sequence the pictures and then find the sentences to match the pictures.

Sentence Matching & Ordering

In this traditional pocket chart activity, kinders match the sentence with the words

And starting in March, they build the sentences without just matching words to a sentence.  You can find a sample of this activity in this FREEBIE!

You can find all of these activities in this year long bundle of Kindergarten Pocket Chart Stations!

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