Rainbow Craft

I love making rainbows to display in March!  This March creation station activity makes a beautiful display around St. Patrick’s Day, but is also easy enough for kindergartners to do on their own!

Rainbow Craft Materials & Set Up

At this creation station, I put the rainbow template and pot of gold copy, and I precut 1 inch strips of rainbow colored paper.  And I make sure glue sticks and crayons are at the station too!

Rainbow Craft Directions

First, kids take a strip and wad it up into a tight ball.  When you model this, show them how to wad it tightly using their pinching fingers.

Then, they un-wad the ball so that they have a wrinkly strip of paper.  They may need to use two strips to cover the space for some colors.

Then, they simply use a glue stick or glue bottle to glue to wrinkled strip down.  It will not all sit nicely on the paper and this is on purpose.  It gives the rainbow a fun, 3-dimensional look!

Finally, they color the pot of gold, cut it out, and glue it to the base of the rainbow!

You can find this creation station activity and more for March here!

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