Rainbow Themed Classroom Tour

I just recently redid my Sunday School classroom.  It was in desperate need of an update and it was just the perfect time!  I share this classroom with another class on Wednesday nights, but they have stopped using this room for now.  I decided to go with a rainbow theme for a few reasons.  The main reason is because it’s just SOOOO bright and so stinkin’ colorful and fun.  But the other reason is because when the Wednesday night crew needs this class again, their class is called “Rainbows” so it will work for them as well!

Here’s a closer look at this Rainbow Reno!

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I made these curtains from some left over black dot fabric and added the rainbow striped fabric I found.  I love how the curtains turned out!

And the scrunchy butcher paper rainbow turned out perfect!

This bulletin board might be my favorite ever.  I can still feel the hand cramps from cutting out the font letters, but it was totally worth it!  I’ve started adding pictures of our crew and still have a few more to add.  Right now I have a smaller class, but when we get more kids, I’m planning to just take some pictures of some of the kids together in the same frame!

Along with new bulletin boards, I added rainbow block signs to our exploration stations.  I brought this table and chairs from our house that we don’t use anymore to set up in our game corner.  I have a memory game in almost all of my Bible units, and several units have other games I can add here too!

Blocks is another station we always have.  I change out the kind of blocks we have depending on our unit and task.

The I Can cards from each unit for this station specifically relate to the unit and give purpose to the station.  So it’s not just playing with blocks, but during this unit we are building a tower to tear it down like in the Jericho Bible story!

Our coloring station stays the same too for each unit.  Most of my kids are boys right now though, so this station is less popular! 🙂 We always take about 3 minutes to color after our Bible story though while we listen to music.  This has been FANTASTIC practice for staying focused on one task during our unit song.

We also have a classroom library with fictional books and Bible stories.  I have some store bought Bible stories.  But I also add our printable Bible stories from our units when we finish reading them!

I added part of these tissue paper tassels in the corner to soften the edge.  And I bought white wooden letters for READ and hot glued them to this sign.  I painted the background of the sign blue with craft paint.  Both of these came from Hobby Lobby and were super cheap and easy to fix up!

This is the last station that stays the same throughout all the units.  Sometimes, I pull out a relevant Bible story puzzle if it goes with our story we are reading that day.

The rest of the stations are stored in our closet and come out just for certain units since they aren’t always the same for all the units!

This is our Bible time set up.  I hang our unit anchor chart {find the one shown in the pic here} and because it’s interactive, this can be used as a station too!  We also have our sticker chart to keep track of who is here Bible Verse pocket chart cards that we practice after our Bible story!

I’m thrilled with how our room turned out!  Here it is before the new coat of paint…

And after the new coat of paint is even better!!