Reading Interventions with Magnetiles

My four year old is obsessed with magnetiles and I have yet to meet a kiddo who doesn’t love them.  
You can find the set we own at home here.  They are perfect for STEM exploration, 3D shapes, 2D shapes, composing and decomposing shapes….ANNNNNNDDD, reading intervention! 🙂
Yep, you read that right.  When I was tutoring this summer, I used these magnetiles to help with sight word recognition and early reading skills.  Let’s chat about using these awesome manipulatives in reading!
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The first thing I do to prep my Magnetiles for intervention is to write one word on each magnetile to make a sentence.  I use sight words we work on for the reading level my group/intervention kid is on and then fill in with CVC words or other words I know they can sound out phonetically.  

Tip: I use the same color tile for the entire sentence for two reasons.  One, I just like color coding and if I have two sets of kids in my guided reading group working on sentence puzzles, we can keep track of whose is whose!  The second reason I use the same color is to eliminate the problem of the kids focusing on color as important in reading.  I basically want the colors to disappear so the kids are only focused on the visual appearance of the words!

Once, I’ve finished the sentence, we spread out all of the tiles and read each word on the tile in random order.  This is to practice decoding and sight word skills.

Then, the kids go to town ordering the words into a sentence.  There are a TON of skills they are using for this: decoding, syntax, language skills, and attending to punctuation and capitals!  Plus, they love that the magnetiles just CLICK together!

After we are finished, I just wipe off the magnetiles with a tissue!  And they can go right in their STEM bin!

If I want to use these longer than just for an intervention group, then I write the words with a sharpie and then go over the words with a dry erase marker and then wipe off!  Watch how I clean off the sharpie marker and the entire process in this video!

If you want to find my entire collection of sentence puzzles leveled for reading levels A-K, you can find them here!

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