Reading Strategy Interventions

This summer, I’ve been tutoring a sweetie in reading.  We are working a lot on finding ways to remember to get our mouth ready for the first sound.  You know, instead of like making up whatever random word comes to our mind??? 🙂 #realtalk

Here’s a look at some of the strategies we are using and how I used this in my first grade classroom!

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Pop The Bubble

This is one of my favorite whole group games to use with my kiddos no matter what content we are learning.  It works well for whole group and small groups, and is a fun way to keep everyone engaged while practice knowledge level skills! 🙂

I simply show a task card on our interactive white board.  I chose pictures and words purposefully so that their can be more than one option for each picture.  The picture below could be “gift” or “present.”  And I quickly know who is getting their mouth ready and paying attention to print by who answers “gift” and who answers “present!”

When students have their mouth ready and know the word, they but an air bubble in their mouth to let me know they are ready. (No shouting out!)

Then, we all kids are ready, I simply say, “POP!” and they all blurt out the word together!

To add even more engagement, poke your finger toward the group (don’t really poke kids, K? 🙂 ) to “pop” their bubble without saying anything.  It’s amazing how many eyes you can keep on you doing this! 🙂

Guided Reading Warmups

In small groups, I love using these task cards when getting our mouth ready is our focus strategy for reading.  There are two sets of task cards in this resource…one with support (highlighted beginning sounds) and one without (no highlighted sounds).

There are several ways we do this.  We just go through them flash card style and play Pop The Bubble.  Or, I give each kid a card to practice on their own and then we go around and quickly share!

Mouth Ready Gloss

This idea came to me this summer through tutoring and my tutoring kiddo is LOVING IT!  I used this Burt’s Bees and took off the wrapper.  Then, I just used some colored sharpies to write on the side of the chapstick.  Last, I added a small piece of washi tape to the top cap for some extra decoration!

Of course, this wouldn’t be sharable in the classroom! 🙂  But you can find cheap chapstick here for less than $1 each if you need to buy several for a small group or class set!

You can find all of these materials from this post in my Reading Strategies Intervention Packet!

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