Roll and Record Graphing Game

I’m a BIG believer in math games.  Giving kids a fun way to practice math skills is always a win in the classroom!  Roll and Record is a great game for practicing collecting data and analyzng and comparing data.

All students need to play is a die, crayons, and the recording sheet.  This game can be played in partners or alone!
Students roll the die.  Then they record which number they rolled.  They continue to roll until they have at least 20 in one of the categories.
Then, they answer questions about the data by comparing the categories and adding or subtracting 10.  There are 3 versions of this game.  The tally version seen above and horizontal and vertical bar graph versions.  In Guided Math Workshop, kids play a different version each day during their hands on time!
These graphs are included as part of my Guided Math Workshop Plans!

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