Shadow Experiment

A 60 degree afternoon high in January means only 2 things:
1.  It’s the perfect day to go for a play date in the park after school with my boys!  And…

2.  It’s the perfect day to go outside and do our shadow experiment.

The shadow experiment was our first of many science experiments during our Weather Unit.

We went out at 8:30 in the morning to record our morning shadows….and the 60 degree weather hadn’t made it around yet so it was still quite chilly!  We paired up and one partner stood on an X they drew with sidewalk chalk, while the other partner traced the shadow.

…I mean…look at those beautiful blue skies!  Oh, how I’ve missed those this cloudy, gloomy winter!

 …if you’re gonna make a shadow, you mind as well make one with muscles! 😉

Then they recorded both of their names inside the drawing so they could easily find their drawings in the afternoon.

Once we were back inside, we recorded their shadow drawings and where the sun was in the sky.  Then, they predicted what would happen to their shadow in the afternoon, answering the question, “Will my shadow change during the day?”  Here are some of the samples…every year it’s the same variety of answers.

Some think the shadow will disappear.

 Most think the shadow won’t change at all….which is why this experiment is so fantastic.

At 2:00, we went back outside to check our shadows and then came right back in to record the exciting news!  Every year it’s the same reaction–what?? it moved!?!?!?–and that is why I do this experiment year after year!

We drew our new shadows and then wrote what actually happened to our shadows.  Then we researched about day and night cycles using  And we recorded what we learned.

Check out my 6 week long Weather Unit Packet for this experiment and more science experiments that go along with weather cycles!

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