Sight Word Folders

I’m not a fan of homework.  I think I’ve mentioned that a time or two in this space! 🙂  But I do like giving parents tools to feel like they are helping their child learn in school.  Sight word folders are just that:  an option for parents to use to work on at home.  Here’s a look at how I use them in my classroom.

What Are Sight Word Folders?

Sight word folders are just like they sound: manilla folders with sight word lists inside.  Each student get his/her own folder.  I staple the first 100 list on the inside.

And I staple the parent note (in English or Spanish) on the outside.  The parent note explains what the folder is and how to use it at home.  It also has a place for parents to sign when their child knows the entire list of sight words.

What’s the Routine for Sight Word Folders?

All first graders take home sight word folders within the first few days of school.  Parents are told that it is a work at your own pace way to help their students read.  I have several suggestions that I send home in my newsletter on working on sight words.  You can read about those here or share this link with your parents.

When parents feel like their child knows all of the sight words for the first 100 list, they sign next to the 1 on the parent note cover and return the folder to school.

Then, a parent volunteer or I test the child within the next 1-3 days.  We highlight the words the student reads correctly and leave the missed words unhighlighted.  (I do tend to test the kids from left to right or backwards to make sure they haven’t memorized the order!)

My personal rule is that if they miss 4 or fewer, they can move to the next list.  I staple the 200 list on top of the first 100 list and then write in the words they missed on the 200 list for them to continue working on.

I also initial the front cover so parents know their child has been assessed.

If they miss more than 4 words, I send the folder home with a note to keep working!

I continue this same pattern until students know all 500 sight words!  I keep track of our sight words and when students pass 500 words, they get a popsicle to eat at recess that day!

Where Can I Find These Sight Word Folders?

The parent notes and student lists are in this sight word list bundle.  This bundle also has an activity to do with each list and flash cards to use at school at a sight word station.

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