Tortoise and the Hare

We are well into our unit on Fables now!  The week before Easter we read The Ugly Duckling and did some super fun activities {which you can read about HERE}.  We also started The Tortoise and The Hare that week with all of the best intentions to finish, but….alas, ITBS came and we didn’t finish until early this week.

One thing I love about our fables unit is that it is super fun and relaxing this time of year and it’s super easy to teach.  It is the same routine song and dance week after week, but with a new fable!  And, no, the kids do not get bored.  They just love it.  In fact, today I had a kid in each of my reading groups as with excitement, “Is this book going to be another fable??” as they got their new guided reader!

So, again with The Tortoise and the Hare, we read and discussed the fable elements and the life lesson.  Here’s the life lesson chart that I forgot to take a pic of for my last post…Obviously, it’s a work in progress and I’ll update the finished chart at the end of the unit.

The next day, we reread and sequenced the plot in productive groups…

Then, wrote about the elements of the fable…

Then, we made our craft!  This was a fun one and a great way to relax after our first day of jail time ITBS testing…:)

 We wrote letters to Hare to give him advice on how to be a better friend.  Man, these kiddos loved telling him what to do!  {Now….to get a few of them to listen to their own advice! *wink*}

And I just love how creative they got with these Hare crafts.  These are muddy brown spots from running too fast in the mud… #lovemyfirsties

 …and the folded ears!  My example did not have those, but I just loved that so many of them did their ears that way!

I let them choose their favorite craft to hang in the hallway for a festive Spring display!

Check out all of these materials in my Duckling and Tortoise/Hare Mini Unit!

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