Summer Countdown

I’m so stinkin’ excited about summer that I can’t even contain myself!

And, clearly, I’ve had summer brain because I haven’t even blogged about school in May…must. do. better.

We have 9 more days left until summer…and I’m feelin’ it.

And the kiddos are feelin’ it.

Like…big time.

Last year, on our last inservice day, we were reflecting on the summer crazies and decided that our class elf needed to make a special appearance for the last few days of school.  And then I had to wait a whole year to try it out on my firsties.

..and it’s been SO. MUCH. FUN.

We are only 4 days into it and the kids are having a blast!  Here’s a peek into what Mr. Jingle has been  up to for the last 12ELF days til Summer…

On the 12ELF Day til Summer…Jingle brought an “I’m BAAAA-AAAACK!” note along with a countdown chalkboard and a sunny palm tree.

On the 11th day…Jingle brought mini-beach balls for a beach ball party!

Love the tags and they make it so real for the kids!  They keep talking about how lucky they are that Jingle chose them to come back to!

And I really wish I’d taken pictures of the adorable beach balls blown up.  They were about 4 inches tall.  Perfectly elf-sized!  The kids thought they were totally adorable, because, well, they were!!  I also loved that they were easy for my firsties to blow up on their own! *wink* I set a 10 minute timer for our “party” and let the kids sign their beach balls with sharpies and play with them.

On the 10th day til summer…Jingle ended up with a sunburn {Errr…red dry erase marker} all over his face.  So we stayed inside and had a paper airplane party.  At Jingle’s suggestion of course!

Poor Jingle and his sunburn!

He even folded his daily letter like an airplane!

On the 9th day til Summer…Jingle is bringing a dance party!  And what’s a good dance party without a hula skirt {made from brown craft paper… or you could use raffia} and a lei {the wrist bracelets from Hobby Lobby}??

I know the kids are gonna be pumped about this one!  Grab my Summer Elf Packet for all of the letters and bag labels, plus ideas for each of the 12 days and more elf fun!  I’ll be blogging about the other 9 days later on {HERE} so follow me on Facebook or Instagram to check back in!

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