End of the Year Gifts

As I blogged last week, we’ve been having a blast counting down summer with our class elf, Jingle, who happened to resurface late in the year to help control the summer crazies! 🙂

Here’s what Jingle the Elf has been up to since I last blogged about him.

On the 8th day til summer my elf brought to me….Sunglasses!

 We got these in the same packet with the beach balls and water guns from Amazon.

Even Jingle wore his own pair of shades!

The kiddos got their shades right off the bat and got to keep them as long as they weren’t used for toys and they stayed on the “nice” list.  …Boy, I should really try this more often.  They were the cutest and SO well behaved!

Brain breakin’ with our kool kid shades…

What makes writing time even better??? SUNGLASSES!

Jingle, left a dress up page for my firsties to fill out to give him some ideas of how to dress for summer.  We brainstormed ways to dress Jingle and still keep him looking “elf-y.”  They had so much fun with this and they turned out adorably!

…check out Jingle chilling on a beach towel!

Gotta love the umbrella with *jingle* bells on it!

Oh…wait a sec…is that Jingle the Elf or Where’s Waldo?? 🙂

I loved the elf’s bathing suit on this one.  And only one thing on his bucket list for the summer: rest.  Because, in the words of this sweet firstie: “He’s gonna need a lot of rest to get ready for the next Christmas season!” #lovethosefirstiebrains

On the 7th Day Til Summer, my elf brought to me…WATER WARS!

Unfortunately, it was raining this day, so the kiddos just took the mini water guns home for their own water wars!

On the 6th Day Til Summer, my elf brought to me…OLAF!

 We did frozen time capsules the first week of school {read about that HERE}.  And lo and behold, Olaf kept them safe all year just as he promised!  He and Jingle returned them in the *cold* ice chest.  We filled out the end of the year time capsule printables and then compared our handprints, heights, writing, and drawing abilities from beginning to end.  Lots of “whoahs” from my firsties about how “messy” they were in August!  I love first grade for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is all of the growth they make in 9 short months.  It’s amazing!

Here’s the end of the year printables you can find in my Frozen Time Capsule Packet.

On the 5th Day Til Summer, my elf brought to me…BOOKS!  I Always get my firsties an end of the year book.  This year, Jingle brought them.  I added labels inside each book with the kids’ names and signed by Jingle.  Once again, I forgot a pic of this one! 🙁  They have been glued to these books though…reading them all. day. long.  I just love inspiring young readers!

On the 4th Day Til Summer, my elf brought to me…ROOT BEER FLOATS!

Jingle brought the Root Beer and left a clue as to where the rest of the “frozen treat” was.  Luckily…after much searching…we found the ice cream in our cafeteria freezer! #Phew {Note, in the Summer Elf packet, the letter is written as a “frozen treat” so it can be as simple as a pop ice.  We just voted for floats this year!}





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