7 Days of Creation Sunday School Unit

We have been super busy this summer learning about the 7 days of creation in Sunday School!  My preschoolers absolutely LOVE this unit and all of the engaging activities that go along with it! Here’s a look into this unit…

Exploration Stations

This unit’s stations are all about numbers!
We build towers of blocks to match a days of creation number.
And we also use playdoh to form our numbers in lots of different ways!
I have these stations set up in our room for the first 15 minutes as kiddos are coming in.  Some  are specific like the one above and some are as simple as puzzles or coloring our coloring page for the week…

Bible Lesson

We start by singing our creation song to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” {All the verses as well as the total physical response motions are included in the unit.}  We sing as many verses as we have learned so far and then add the new day for the week.
Many weeks, we sort cards by their differences.  For example, on day 2 we sort things in the sky and things on land. 

We always close our creation Bible story by saying, “God looked at _____ on day ___ and said…IT IS GOOD!” and give a big thumbs up!  {It’s totally silly, but they love this part!}

Then, we cut and sort our own cards.  Here is the example from Day 2: Sky and Land….

Then, we practice our Bible Verse for the week with motions and by matching our verse word cards (I blogged about those routines here.)

Our end of unit activity will be to order creation numbers 1-7 and glue them on our “Days of Creation” mini-charts…

Check out these activities and so many more in my 50+ page unit!

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