Teacher Appreciation Gift and FREEBIE

Looking for an adorable teacher appreciation gift that’s cheap too?  I made these for our Sunday School teachers at church and they were a huge hit!  I posted this image on Instagram and had lots of people asking how I made it and about the tags.

So, I decided to put together a quick how to blog post on it with a link to the gift tags as a FREEBIE in my store!

{affiliate links are included in this post which means I get a little pocket change to feed my chocolate addiction! :)}


I got most of my materials from Wal-Mart, but have included links to where you can find them online also.  The succulent plants I used can be difficult to find in our area.  I bought them at our WM Supercenter for $2.50, but I also looked at two other Wal-Marts and couldn’t find them before I finally found them at the third store! 🙂


1.  Cut 6 inch squares of craft paper…one for each plant.
2.  Put the plant in the middle of the craft paper square.  Pull up one corner at a time and fold the extra around the pot as you go.  

Fold them all in the same direction.  The craft paper should stick above the plant an inch or two.  
TIP: It’s not necessary, but is helpful if you use hot glue or double-sided tape to tack each fold down as you go.  It can be a handful to hold all of the folds down during the next step.
3.  Find the “prettiest” side to use as the front.  When I fold mine, there is a part where to folds point toward each other to make a “V” shape.  I like to use this as the front of my plant pot because I just like the way it looks! **NOTE:  I used double stick tape and it sticks but comes loose a little.  Don’t worry about this, it will all be fine when you tie it up.  We just need it to stick a little to make it easier to deal with!**
4.  Tie up the plant with twine string, putting the bow in the front.  I really wanted to use striped twine string.  I usually have black and white striped string on hand and planned to use that…
…but I was out (keeping it real!) and Wal-Mart was out of it too!! #sadface  Plus, I didn’t figure all of that out until it was too late to order it online.  #doublesadface  So, I settled for just plain twine string and it still turned out great.

5.  Print the labels and cut them out with a 2″ circle cutter.  I had to settle for cutting these by hand because my circle cutter was too dull to cut the paper.  I had to trash it and order a new one! 🙁  If you look super close, you will see the imperfections…these won’t be there if you use the circle cutters…and it will save you a TON of time! 😉  Back the white labels on construction paper and cut out with the 2.5″ circle cutter.
6.  Tape the labels to the toothpick on the back with washi tape just to make the backside look a little cuter! 🙂  Then, stick the toothpicks all the way in the plant
Since I had most of the materials around my house, my all in cost was $2.50 per plant!  Super cheap and super cute! #winning

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