Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Teacher appreciation week is just around the corner!  And because it’s in
Spring, I love giving flowers of some kind for Teacher appreciation. 
Here are two of my favorite ways to gift flowers to teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Flower Gift

Pots of flowers are one of my favorite things to buy for myself in
Spring.  And I love buying them for my mom and mother-in-law on Mother’s
Day and for teachers during Teacher appreciation week!

It’s so easy you don’t even need directions!  I just pick out a pot of
flowers and add these grow tags
on a wooden skewer and sign our kid’s name on the back.  The one in this
photo is also backed on green cardstock.

These are violas and are great for late fall or early spring in
Arkansas.  For Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation week around here I
love to give pots of geraniums or impatiens because they are just so colorful
and generally easy to take care of.

Teacher Appreciation Seeds Gift

I usually reserve the nice large pots of flowers for classroom teachers, but
seed packets make a great small gift for teacher aids, specials teachers, or

I grab 3 packs of seeds and tape them to a wooden skewer and put them in a
small pot filled with dirt.  Then, I add the
grow gift tags
just like for the others and that’s it!  This is an under $5 total gift
that looks adorable and well thought out.

For seeds, I love to give at least one perennial packet with some
annuals.  And I always look for ones that are super easy to start… like
they can just be scattered in the flowerbed or pots and grow just fine. 
Zinnias work great in pots and any wildflower mix looks great in larger flower

Get the
grow tags here
and gift some spring flowers to your favorite teacher!

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