Thanksgiving: Pilgrims

Hellooooooooo, Thanksgiving break!  Yahooooo!!

Okay, so maybe I’m a *bit* excited for some time off with my family!

Today was our last school day until next week.  During this short week, we have been doing a 2-day cram session of Thanksgiving.  Yesterday was all about Thanksgiving traditions, pumpkin pie, and turkeys! {Read about that HERE.}

Today was all about the history of Thanksgiving and the beloved Pilgrims.

We started off our morning reading one of my favorite history readers on the First Thanksgiving.

This book gives tons of great details, but is perfect for young readers.

We charted our research on the Pilgrims.

Then, they wrote an informative paragraph about Pilgrims and made girl or boy pilgrims to go with their writing.

Since my example was a girl…here are a few of the finished boy pilgrims.  Some were bald, with fancy collars! 😉

…and others had beards.  They were loving being creative with their pilgrims this year!

All of these Pilgrim activities and other Thanksgiving lessons are included in my Pilgrims packet or my full 6-week Life Lessons Unit.  In this unit, we focus on fables and economics and the life lessons they teach us.  The Pilgrims are a great tie in for this unit because of all of the lessons the Pilgrims learned through their experiences {“Hard work pays off,” “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” and “Follow your dreams.”}  Unfortunately, our district has changed the timeline of the Common Core units for us, so we are not doing this full unit right now.  However, we did take these two days to learn about the Pilgrims and some of the lessons they learned.  And since this unit also has quite a few Christmas connections, I’ll be pulling out bits and pieces of it in December to do on my own!

We also read our Pilgrims poem during our shared reading time.  We highlighted the “sparkle words,” or vocabulary words.  Then we used 2 of those sparkle words to label our illustrations of our pilgrims.  Then, they circled sight words they know and added it to their poetry binders.

This poem, along with 40+ other poems are in my K-2 Year Long Poetry Packet.

And you can find these pilgrim activities and more in my Pilgrim packet!

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