The Easiest Way to Get TpT Resources for FREE

Have you heard of TpT credits?  Chances are you haven’t.  And that’s
because it’s one of TpT’s best kept secrets.  But don’t worry, I’m about
to let you in on the secret.  And it will literally pay off for you!

What are TpT Credits?

TpT credits can be used to partially or fully pay for paid resources on
TpT.   You earn credits by leaving feedback on paid TpT

And while we are here… does that mean you should not leave feedback on free
resources?  No!  Of course not!  While you will not get any
credits for leaving feedback, it is super helpful to the seller to have the
extra feedback so that he or she knows what you like or don’t like. 
Think of it like a thank you to the seller for giving you something for
free.  Spread TpT kindness…leave feedback on freebies! 🙂

How do I earn TpT credits?

Leave feedback!  It’s that simple!

Head to the TpT website and click “My Purchases.”

Then, click FREE resources and be a kind human and leave feedback to help the
seller that gave you a free resource! 🙂 #winkwink

Next, click “Paid resources” and you should see a list of all of the resources
you have paid for.  If you haven’t left feedback for the resource, it
will look like this.

Click on “leave a review,” and you will see this screen.

If you haven’t used the resource, don’t leave feedback yet.  The most
helpful feedback to sellers is detailed feedback that tells what you like and
want you wish the resource had.  That’s super hard to do before using the
resource, amiright?  

After you’ve used the resource, click the green “Yes, I’ve used it”
button.  It will walk you through a few short and simple questions. 
As a seller, I will tell you that I LOVE getting good, useful feedback. 
Unhelpful feedback sounds like, “Thanks,” or “Love it,” or even “:)” believe
it or not.  While these will currently earn you tpt credits too, it’s
just not helpful to me to read this because I don’t know what is useful or not
useful in a resource.  Also, when you are looking for a resource to buy
and reading through reviews, thanks and the infamous 🙂 just aren’t helpful to
you as a buyer either, right?
An essay isn’t necessary either (although fine by me if you have that kind of
time!).  Just a sentence or a few about what you love or wish we could
add in a future update.  Think like what you write on the comments
section of the report card that’s actually useful to parents! 🙂
Once you’ve left feedback, it will look like this.

If you’re like me when I first discovered the hidden gem of TpT credits, you
will have quite a few resources to go through and leave feedback on. 
Grab some coffee, watch some reruns of friends, and get busy!  I
promise you it will literally *pay* off!

How can I check my TpT credits balance?

So you’ve seen a few Friends reruns, your coffee cup is empty, and you wanna
know how many credits you have.  Here’s how.

Head to the
TpT website
and click on “TpT Credit Balance.”

This will take you to this page. 

You can see I have 1 credit right now.  And I have a few more things to
give feedback on so, I need to find some downtime to do that!

You earn 1 credit for every dollar paid for resources.  And TpT will
round up.  For example, if you paid $4.50 for the resource, you will earn
5 credits.
Each credit gets you 5 cents off of a resource.  That may not seem like a
lot, but it is essentially 5% off.  And that’s 5% more that you would’ve
gotten before you realized you could earn TpT credits!
But seriously, they add up.  I’ve gotten paid resources completely free
just by using credits to purchase them!

So, how do I use credits to get my resources for FREE?

Add the resources you want to purchase to your cart.  Then, view your
cart and choose “Secure Checkout.”

Underneath the Order Summary is the TpT Credits section.  In this
section, it will tell you how many credits you have left.  You can type
in the credits you want to use.  You can use all of them, none of them,
or part of the credits.

Then, click “Apply.”  And that’s it!  Now you can get that resource
you’ve been wanting at a discount when it’s not on sale, at more of a discount
if it is on sale, or maybe even for free! Time to start
and leave feedback!

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