The Wind Blew

Since today and yesterday we’ve had the joy of experiencing 25 mph winds with gusts even higher than that, I thought it would be the perfect day to look back on last week’s study on >>> WIND >>> from our latest Common Core Unit on Weather!
During writers’ workshop we researched wind on and recorded our facts we learned.  

Then, we wrote to teach about wind!

During Readers’ Workshop, we read the book, The Wind Blew.

I just love this book because it’s so simple and so engaging. We read with the purpose of sequencing and predicting what comes next.  Because of the engaging nature of this story, the kids automatically start predicting which item will blow away next…even without prompting!

Then, for independent practice, students worked with partners to sequence the story and label each item!

This fun sequencing activity, plus the weather words booklet can all be found in my store’s best seller, my Common Core Weather Unit!

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