Toddler Field Trip: Amazeum

New to Northwest Arkansas and opening in just a few days is our very own children’s museum, the Amazeum {check out their website HERE}.

And it’s…



Seriously, ya’ll.  Even if the museum wasn’t called “Amazeum,” I would still say it was amazing.  I’ve been in a few kids’ museums the last few years and this one is right up there at the top.  Lots of areas for kids of ALL ages!

Thanks to my sis-in-law and her husband for getting us a few extra VIP passes to go in before it opens!

There were so many great pics from today, that I decided to just blog them instead of posting all of them on Facebook…it just seems to make more sense to me that way.

Enjoy!  And fellow, NWArkansans…put this on your bucket list.  Like now.  Seriously, do it already! 🙂  And even if you don’t live in NWA, this is just another great reason to come visit us {hint, hint!}

C just loved putting stuff in these little sucker thingies and watching them fly out! {clearly, I know all of the official lingo!}

Cooper and Jax loved climbing up this tree…until daddy mentioned he was climbing pretty high…and then there were tears….:)

Such a cool painting area!

Picasso at work! *wink*

Cooper loved the little Wal-mart area for kids!

And Cooper loved that the checkout counter really beeped!!

Getting up close and personal with a tornado!

They had the most adorable area with a farm: an old cabin, play animals.  So perfect for Arkansas!  They even had books on display in the cabin from Arkansas.  This place was so so thought out!

 Training him up right!

I. mean. really.  I can’t get over how cute this picture is!

My kid was the only kid in the water area with a raincoat on {they provided them}.  But it wasn’t because of me.  He just absolutely “had” to have one.  He might be a little on the clean and dry freak side of things…not saying where he gets that from. 🙂

Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do-dododo….#singinintherain

Cousin Jax couldn’t be any more opposite in the clean department.  5 seconds in the water zone and he was drenched!  Love it!!

This shot is blurry, but it’s just the perfect action shot of Cooper standing as far away as possible while still being able to reach and soak Jax {who is as close as possible!}

One more thing off of our #summerbucketlist and SOOOOOO worth it!

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