What is a data wall? And why you need one in elementary school!

Have you ever heard of a data wall? Do you use one at your elementary school?

Let’s chat about what a data wall is and why you need one in your elementary school.

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What Is a Data Wall?

A data wall, or an assessment wall, is a student data tracking system for all that assessment data. It’s very literally a wall of data.

It can be a piece of paper that includes all of the assessment info on it, like I had when I started teaching in 2006.

Or, it could be a digital data wall that’s just a spreadsheet on your computer where you keep all of your student tracking data.

data wall on a computer

No matter your preference for paper or digital, assessment walls are just a way to keep all that data organized in one place.

You can have a data wall for your classroom where you keep all the math and literacy info on one page or spreadsheet.

You can also have a school-wide asseaament wall. This can look like a massive Google Spreadsheet where teachers go in and record their student data. Or, it can also be a paper or dry erase board where names are written under certain skills or levels.

Why Do I Need A Classroom Data Wall?

Having all of your student data in one place is invaluable! When I need to reference skills a kid has quickly, I can look at my data wall. When I’m filling out report cards, I just have one place to look for that info!

Besides convenience, an elementary classroom data wall is also important because it helps me plan small groups. I can glance at my assessment wall and easily see who needs to work on what skills and I can pull intervention groups for reading and math based on that data.

paper data wall for small groups

Documentation is another good reason to have all of your student data in one place. When you have kids that are struggling and may need to start the RTI process, a data wall is an easy way to prove your progress monitoring documentation over time.

Why Do We Need a School Data Wall?

An elementary school data wall is helpful in many of the same ways a classroom assessment wall is useful… just on a bigger scale!

A school data wall provides one place for all of the student assessment and intervention data. If your school has PLC (Professional Learning Community) meetings for your grade level or groups of teachers, then you need a school assessment wall. You need a common document that you can reference that will guide your school’s Tier 2 intervention plans and grade level lesson planning.

Working on a school-wide plan for intervention can be difficult. And I’ve definitely learned a lot from the mistakes we’ve made with RTI planning and intervention, but it can also be a huge success and a beautiful way to work together as a grade level and school family to meet the needs of all kids!

Our school had Google Sheet data wall for each grade level. Each teacher would go in and add their class data. Then, we could sort the grade level sheet by skills or scores and easily make plans for our grade level intervention plan!

Another great reason for a school data wall is for your administration! Having all of my student assessment data on the school assessment wall was how I turned in all of my assessment info to my principals! So, it was convenient for them, and no additional work for me! Yay!

Are you ready to get all of your data organized? Grab this digital data wall here!

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